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  • Linda M. Potter

Linda M. Potter, Author of
If Only God Would Give Me a Sign!

Linda M. Potter
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An Interview on The Tazz and Paula Show on blogtalkradio

Original air date: 4/22/2011

Click here to listen to the Podcast


Linda M. Potter on the Dr. Pat Radio Show

Original air date: 5/5/2011

Click here to listen to the Podcast


An enlightening Radio interview by Christine Andrew

Original air date: 4/27/2011

Click here to go to Christine's website and the Podcast of the Radio interview.


An Interview with Linda M. Potter
by Toni D. Holm

BellaSpark Magazine March/April 2011 issue

Linda M. Potter (distant aunt to Harry Potter) is a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, writer, spiritual counselor, and humorist. Truthfully, I believe she’d want me to start that list with actor. She loves to perform. Who better than an actor and humorist to inspire us to get up in the morning, grab a hot cup of java, and set off down the road to grapple with yet another day on our spiritual path? I’d vote for the humorist.
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